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Enjoy the sea of Miura! Experience seafishing and taste the regional delicacy of roasted tuna head.

Yokosuka, Miura 4h30m

At the scenic Koajiro Bay you can enjoy sea fishing, having lunch, and shopping. The experience is perfect for those who want to try delicious seafood.

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Marujyumaru (Fishing cruise)

Koajiro Port, located in Miurai Peninsula and Koajiro Bay, is a natural port that faces Sagami Bay and flourished from the Edo period. You can enjoy fishing here as it is famous for fishing boats. At Marujyumaru, you can enjoy nature by cruising Sagami Bay, Aburatsubo, and Koajiro Bay. You can also experience fishing on a fishing boat.

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Koajiro Seabornia

South of the Miura Peninsula, from the "sea station" Koajiro Seabornia you can sea an amazing view of Mount Fuji. Inside the facilities there is a restaurant. The "Umi no Sanpo" cruise leaves from the the facilities all year round. Activites such as sea kayaking allow you to experience the beauty of nature through the ocean. Events such as "Ocean Cram School Rehabilitation" are also held, makin...

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Kuroba Tei

Fresh tuna fish will be served at this restaurant. Those fish come just straight from the Misaki fishing port which opened in 1971. It is comfortable and full of energy here in this place. There are bar seats and some private rooms. A roasted whole tuna's head is very famous as "Kabuto yaki". They have over 200 kinds of variation of dishes using every part of tuna fish.

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Urari Marché - Fish Market・Vegetable Market

A centre for fresh vegetables from Miura and Misaki Tuna. On the 2nd floor of the Vegetable Market, various produce such as Miura vegetables, meat, tofu and various breads are sold. There is also a cafe where you can sip a cup of coffee while resting. On the 1st floor, you can find seafood products such as tuna and coastal fishes, ingredients for everyday meals. Drop by the Urari Marche for del...

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