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Enjoy famous tofu cuisine, power spots in Mount Oyama and lit up autumn leaves

Shonan Area 5h

On Koma Approach stretching from Oyama bus station to the cable car station you enjoy Tofu cuisine or Shishi Nabe. There are many spiritual spots in Tanzawa Oyama area. Seven Onnazaka wonders exist along the path of Oyama cable car station to Afuri Shrine Shimosha. On the upper area from Afuri Shrine Shimosha, Nijyu waterfall, Haunted cedar, couple cedar, Botan-rock which looks like a Japanese tree peony and other spritual or unique power spots is waiting for you. After visiting those spots, you can have a great view from the Afuri shrine which honored two-star of Michelin Greenguide. After the sunset you can have another great view of night scene, called million-dollar night view. Every year from the middle to the end of November autumn leaves of mountain leaves are lit up. You can watch the scene while going down the mountain by bus. ※Not use a cable car when climbing up and down the mountain.

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Power spot (Onnazaka no Nana Fushigi)

Along the way to Ōyama Afuri Shrine, in addition to Onnazaka no Nana Fushigi, there are numerous power spots such as Niju Falls, Noroi no Sugi, Fuufu Sugi, Botan Iwa. Onnazaka: slope from Ōyama Cable Station~Ōyama Afuri Shrine※During the period, the autumn leaves are lit up. Photos Provided by photolibery

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Ooyama Afuri Shrine

This is an ancient shrine which is said to be built over 2000 years ago. Known as a place for praying for rain, as well as a sacred ground revered by many generals, the pilgrimage to Mount Ooyama became popular in the Edo Period. In 2016, this pilgrimage was designated as a Japan heritage site, with the view from Afuri Shrine featured with two Michelin stars.

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