Endo Hydrangea Festival

Shonan Area 3h45m

At the most upper stream of the Koide river, you can view beautiful hydrangea on the river banks for about 200 meters. Endo's ancient poem reading is held in Hydrangea festival in June. People enjoy floating of portable shrines, Mikoshi and visit many kinds of food booths there.

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Endo Mahoroba-no-Sato

"※ If you are a group, confirmation beforehand is required In the forest with an area of about 7000 square meters, there are around 130 species of trees and grass. The path inside the forest is made of woodchips and boardwalks. The garden has a pitch of about 8 meters which allows you to enjoy the changes in the landscape.

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Koidegawa Red Spider Lily Festival

Viewing Period: late September to early October (best time for viewing: when the equinox flowers blossom) In the Endo area of northern Fujisawa, equinox flowers grow in groups along a small river for around 3km in length. Enjoy the view of flowers surrounding you everywhere as you take a walk. On sunny days it is also an excellent spot for viewing Mount Fuji in the distance. ※Uchimodori...

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Akibadai Cultural Gymnasium

A gymnasium that served as a model for the popular manga, Slam Dunk. Though as a work site the railroad in front of Kamakura High School is famous, it was the Akibadai Gymnasium that served as the model for the venue for the games.

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