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Climb Mt.Kintoki for the remarkable view of Mt.Fuji

Western Area 4h30m

This is spot is famous for its view of Mount Fuji.

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Mount Kintoki

This mountain was once an active stratovolcano 350,000 - 270,000 years ago and is the highest peak of the Hakone caldera. To commemorate your visit, snap a photo with Mount Fuji and the「天下の秀峰金時山」(Magnificent Mountain of Japan, Mount Kintoki) sign!

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Silver Grass Plant Community

The Sengokuhara Silver Grass Plains is prided as one of the best in the Kanto Region. Stretching until the vicinity of the southern foot of Mount Kintoki and the northwestern foot of Mount Daigatake, the glimmering Silver Grass Plant Community is one of the sceneries representing Hakone in autumn.

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Yoshiike Ryokan (Japanese-style inn)

Yoshiike Ryokan owns 6 hot spring sources. The sources provide abundant hot spring water, the amount of which is 720 L/min max. This is something that Yoshiike is proud of. Internal public baths with excellent atmosphere, open-air baths in the garden, and relaxing chartered bath are filled with 100% Yoshiike’s hot spring sources. They have a lounge space, Karaoke clubs and so on. Guests can hav...

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