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Chigasaki Course: Enjoying the fragrance of flowers & culture!

Shonan Area 7h30m

At the Shourai-an hermitage and Himuro Tsubaki Garden of Takasago’s green space, visitors enjoy flowers heralding the arrival of spring as well as a charming look at the famous writer Kaiko Takeshi’s former home, now the Kaiko Takeshi Memorial Museum.

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Chigasaki City Museum

Opened in 1998 as a hometown museum, Chigasaki City Museum collects a variety of artwork related to the city. During their special exhibitions, the works of Chigasaki artists are introduced, whereas in the collection exhibitions, works of art will be selected and exhibited from 2,000 collections according to the theme.

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Takasuna Green Space・Shouraian

This green space has a garden where a variety of trees and flowers are planted, including daffodils, cherry trees, azaleas, purple orchids, monkey grass, maple trees, coral bush, and more. You can enjoy the seasonal flowers and greenery here throughout the year. Shouraian also has a tea house located in the back of the Japanese garden; visitors can enter and look around inside, unless it's rese...

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Himuro Camellia Garden

In this extensive garden estimated to be 2800 square meters wide, about 1300 shrubs of garden plants such as camellias, pines, and roses are planted here. There are over 200 types of camellias here, including the beautiful Himuro Setsugekka, a type of camellia with a pink and white base with red patterns, which blooms from the end of February to the end of March.

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Chigasaki Yukarino Jinbutsu-kan(The Museum of Chigasaki-related Figures)

This museum introduces famous figures and artworks related to Chigasaki. It provides a learning experience of these people's thoughts and way of living, as well as the deep knowledge of local history, climate, and culture. In the exhibition building, the artwork and items of Chigasaki-related figures are on permanent display. They are further dug into and explored in the special exhibitions hel...

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Kaiko Takeshi Memorial

Known as the Novelist Kaiko, Kaiko Takeshi moved from Suginami, Tokyo to this location just south of the eastern shores of Chigasaki in 1974, and was active at this location until he passed away in 1989. This Kaiko Takeshi Memorial House was built in memory of his accomplishments and character which many are moved by.

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Chigasaki Southern C

Chigasaki Southern C is the symbol of Southern Beach Chigasaki and has even fronted the Southern All Stars CD cover. This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands at the right of the C, filling the gap in “C”, a circle (“En” in Japanese) will be formed, essentially tying fates (also “En” in Japanese) together. It is also famous for being a photo spot in Chigasaki whe...

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