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Blueberry Village Miyahara Tourist Farm and Samukawa Shrine

Shonan Area 2h 13

After picking blueberries at Miyahara, we will have a meal at old private house. The Sawamura Shrine is the only guardian deity in Japan excluding omnidirectional direction and the direction excluding all disasters originating from bearing, date, time, traffic, etc. We accept foreign guests at prayer reception. When you get purified, you can also enter the Kamiyama Shinen behind the main hall. In the garden, there are Japanese gardens, including the so-called Nanba Koike, and you can also visit tea houses and museums that serves green tea. You can enjoy a peaceful setting in the lush green area. Throughout the year you can experience various traditional Japanese culture and religious tradition such as Musashi Bow Festival, Setsubun Festival, Kokufu Festival, Hamaori Festival, Yabusame Goudo Nebuta, etc. throughout the year.


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Samukawa Shrine

Shonan Area 1h

The Samukawa Shrine in Samukawa-machi, Koza-gun, is the only protector in Japan which wards off evil from all directions. Prayers from anyone and everyone ar...

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