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Azumayama Park and viewing the early mustard blooms

Shonan Area 4h45m 0

This course allows you to appreciate approximately 60,000 early blooms of mustard flowers in Azukayama park, as well as museums and shopping malls connected to the Shonan area.


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Azumayama Park

Shonan Area 45m

You can always find flowers throughout the year as well as paths covered with flourishing trees in Azumayama park. Also, at the peak, there is an observatory...

The Hiratsuka Museum of Art

Shonan Area 1h

The main theme of the museum is "Art and Lights in Shonan." Collections, featured exhibits and special exhibitions are related to Shonan. It is familiar to c...

Terrace Mall Shonan

Shonan Area 2h

Opened in November 2011, Terrace Mall Shonan is a large shopping center directly connected to Tsujido Station. It houses about 280 shops which include fashio...

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