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Atsugi Kodomo no Mori Park and Local Food Delights

Central Area 4h 5

Educational experience can be done for children as well as adults in this park by taking advantage of its great nature. You can observe seasonal natural life. Experience of rice seedlings planting or harvesting rice is available. Being in a unique location, there are many kinds of playground equipments. You can enjoy 'Forest Slide' which is 106 meters long and it is the longest slide among the slides made of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene in Japan.


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Atsugi Kodomo no Mori Park

Central Area 1h

It is a park that both children and adults can enjoy and learn about nature. You can see organisms of the four seasons and also experience agricultural activ...

Atsugi Horumon

Central Area 1h

The hormone you eat with miso sauce is an excellent dish.There is a meat center and you can easily get your hands on fresh meat.

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