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Appreciate Kanagawa’s overflowing nature

Central Area 10h 0

Stop to smell the flowers on this 1 night, two day trip. You’ll explore the amazing natural scenery within central Kanagawa.


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Sagami Sansen Park

Central Area 1h

It is the first park which was built by using the riverbed in the prefectural urban park, built upstream of the confluence of three rivers: the Sagamigawa Ri...

Aikawa Park

Central Area 1h

"Kogei Kobo Mura" is a space for introducing traditional crafts of local Aikawamachi to people from inside and outside the prefecture. It was opened as a pla...

Zama Yatoyama Park

Central Area 1h

Zama Yatoyama Park is a land on which people have lived since the Jomon period. As a place with woodland that has been preserved, it is loved by the locals. ...

Shiroyama Park

Central Area 1h

This park houses the remains of the castle of Shibuya Shigekuni, vassal of the Kamakura-era shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo. The moat and earthen walls of the ca...

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