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Appreciate Kanagawa’s overflowing nature

Central Area 10h

Stop to smell the flowers on this 1 night, two day trip. You’ll explore the amazing natural scenery within central Kanagawa.

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Sagami Sansen Park

It is the first park which was built by using the riverbed in the prefectural urban park, built upstream of the confluence of three rivers: the Sagamigawa River, the Nakatsugawa River, and the Koayugawa River. Sagamigawa River flowing slowly, the large sky in front of you with nothing obstructing it. On sunny days you can see the beautiful mountain ranges of Tanzawa and Oyama.

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Kuri no Sato Restaurant and Rose Garden

This Atsugi restaurant has around 50 years of history since opening in 1969. Modeled after a German mountain lodge, the restaurant offers a popular selection of steak and hamburgers, including those made from Yonezawa beef. The restaurant has directly operated its own rice farm for nine generations, so it also offers painstakingly-grown rice that is both safe and delicious. There are also 700 b...

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Aikawa Park

"Kogei Kobo Mura" is a space for introducing traditional crafts of local Aikawamachi to people from inside and outside the prefecture. It was opened as a place to enhance regional interest through creative experiences where people can interact with traditional crafts and a place to promote exchange with local visitors. Please book in advance.

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Zama Yatoyama Park

Zama Yatoyama Park is a land on which people have lived since the Jomon period. As a place with woodland that has been preserved, it is loved by the locals. The woodland experience center was built with the olden private houses as its motif, and visitors can sit around the sunken hearth and have a rest on the veranda or in the tatami room while gazing at the rice paddies.

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Shiroyama Park

This park houses the remains of the castle of Shibuya Shigekuni, vassal of the Kamakura-era shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo. The moat and earthen walls of the castle remain to this day. The park is known for its roofed BBQ area, the city's longest roller slide, and its Japanese garden. View the cherry blossom trees in late March, fireflies in early June, and 500 roses (66 varieties) in mid-May and ...

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