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  • A view from Sagaminada and a stroll through Makuyama Park in Yugawara

A view from Sagaminada and a stroll through Makuyama Park in Yugawara

Western Area 3h

The city where the mountains and the sea live together in harmony—this course takes you to Yugawara where you'll be surrounded all the way, 360-degrees, by spectacular sceneries and flowers. Foreigners will find this course a winner, where they can fully appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the stunning views.

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Makuyama Park

This nature park located along the river has an athletic field and towards the slope of the mountain, there is a plum forest with about 4000 trees. In early spring during the plum season, you can enjoy a dynamic scenery of beautiful plum trees.

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Kumano Shrine, Manyo Park

Kumano Shrine enshrines a god of hot water, and hot water runs down the purification trough. There are 'Yukake-matsuri' on the fourth Saturday of May, and regularly held festival takes place at the same weekends. At the Manyo Park located at the center of spa town, there are so many Manyo plants (plants cited in the Manyoshu). There are also Manyo-tei modelled after ancient architecture of Many...

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Yugawara Mandarin Picking

When the mountains from Oku-Yugawara to Hakone become colored with all sorts of autumn leaves, at the slopes near the seashore, golden-colored mandarin oranges, filled with the sea breeze to the brim, are in their peak period. The secret to the excellent taste of Yugawara mandarin oranges is the good angle of their exposure to the sun and the warm sea. Please enjoy the untainted, fresh-picked t...

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