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A hike through Rokkokukenzan and a retro architecture light up

Yokohama, Kawasaki 9h45m

After enjoying the nighttime scenery of Yokohama, this hiking course will take you on a walk on the mountain that was desired by 6 different provinces: the Sagami, the Musashi, the Izu, the Kazusa, the Shimosa, and the Awa.

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Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen)

Opened in 1962 at the former site of the British soldiers’ barracks. The lookout and benches facing the ocean offer a full view of Yokohama port. A perfect place for viewing the Yokohama Bay Bridge at night. The forest on the north side was formerly a French military garrison, and is now called the French Mountain area. The land was handed over to Yokohama City in 1971. The same arch as in the ...

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Bluff No. 234

A registered historical building of Yokohama. It was originally built in 1927 as an apartment for foreigners. Panel exhibits that show the history of the Yamate are displayed on the 1st floor.

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Yokohama Hyakudan Park

A single cherry blossom tree stands as the symbol of this park. Unfortunately, the name of the park comes from the fact that it used to have 100 steps leading up to it and these were destroyed during the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923.

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Kantei byo

When Yokohama port was opened, one Chinese man came holding Kan'u’s wooden statue and he set up a temple worshipping Kan'u. Since then residents of Yokohama Chinatown worship this temple.

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In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are presently closed. Please check our website for information on when we’ll be reopening, our operational information, and more.〈UKIYO-E CAFÉ〉 Enjoy a show that fuses digital projections with non-verbal performances by the world-class performance troupe SIRO-A. Nightlife in Kanagawa

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Ma-san no Mise Ryusen

This famous restaurant is open from early morning to late into the night. The goal of the breakfast service is to support everyone from tourists to the chefs working in Yokohama’s Chinatown. In addition to serving rice porridge, the menu also features dim sum and Shanghai cuisine.

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Jourakuji Temple

In 1237, this temple was built by Yasutoki Hojo to honor his mother-in-law. After Yasutoki died, the temple was named after his Buddhist title. It is known that Lanxi Daolong, a famous Chinese monk who founded Kenchoji, lived here. Together with an Amitabha statue, which is the main object of worship, Lanxi Daolong is also enshrined here.

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