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A canal cruise that takes you back through the history of the port town of Yokohama

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h

This route is bursting with fun ways to get to know Yokohama. The area of land facing the sea in the port city of Yokohama was made as reclaimed land, and the canal which stretches around the area was responsible for the physical distribution of goods. Here you can get in touch with the maritime shipping industry and explore the work of the customs needed to support foreign trade.

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O-okagawa Cruise

This is a cherry blossom viewing spot in Yokohama. About 800 cherry trees have been planted on both sides of the river. Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year. "Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruise" makes you feel like you are travelling through a tunnel of cherry blossom and is very popular.

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Yokohama Customs (Queen’s Tower)

Built in 1934, this building has a characteristic tower with a mosque-like appearance. The circular lines of the building give it the nickname of “Queen” in contrast to the angular Prefectural Office building. While lit up during the night, the design lends the building with a noble lady-like timbre.

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NYK Maritime Museum of History

This museum presents the history of how ships transferring people, goods, and culture have opened up the sea route from Japan to overseas since the Meiji period. Inside the artistic building which has been used as the Yokohama branch of a shipping company, Nippon Yusen Kaisya (NYK Line), visitors can enjoy videos and a display of a large scale model of a luxury liner of the 1920’s. Free t...

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