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Kanagawa From Home

Kanagawa is Relaxing: Reward the Body and Mind with these Inspiring Kanagawa Getaways

Jan 31 2022

Discover the best of Kanagawa’s most relaxing spots. From hot springs to memorising sea views to family-friendly outdoor fun, you’ll easily find your own power spot in Kanagawa.

Nagai Seaside Park – Soleil Hill

This hilltop interactive park offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by views of Sagami Bay, enjoy the blooming flowers across the seasons. Visit during the summer to discover fields of sunflowers against an ocean backdrop, or admire the rape blossom during the Winter season. With a range of family-friendly activities available, including harvesting seasonal vegetables, Soleil Hill offers fun for all the family.


Miura’s southern coastline offers a relaxing escape with the small island of Jogashima a secret Kanagawa power spot just waiting to be discovered. Listed as a two-star destination in the Michelin Green Guide, visit this island for hiking trails, diving or lighthouse sightseeing. Venture to the south side to discover the Horseback Cave Mouth (Uma-no-se) — a natural stone archway that frames the ocean and promises a sunset to remember.


Feel at home at this relaxing seaside lounge space that sits along Hayama's famed coastline. UNDER THE PALMO offers a calm, minimal interior—made from local materials by local artisans—that houses a cafe as well as event space for exhibitions, pop-up shops, exercise classes and movie screenings. Sit back and enjoy the cafe menu of drinks, alcohol and food offerings (both desserts and dishes to share). Gaze out at the views of Sagami Bay from the wooden deck terrace, with Enoshima—and even Mount Fuji. UNDER THE PALMO follows in the footsteps of the much-loved CABaN HAYAMA beach terrace, originally located nearby.

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Hakone Kowakien Tenyu

There’s no better place to relax than a hot spring resort in Hakone, Kanagawa’s premier outdoor getaway location. Nearby famous Hakone landmarks like Owakudani or Gora, Tenyu opened in 2017 making it one of Hakone’s more modern ryokans offerings. Tenyu offers the ultimate relaxation experience, thanks to unparalleled Japanese hospitality, kaiseki dining and incredible hot springs. Between the Ukigumo ‘infinity’ outdoor hot spring with its mountain view, and the Kurumazawa forest hot spring with a private waterfall, you may have a hard time deciding which is more relaxing.


Oyama Afuri Shrine (or Afuri-jinja Shrine) sits atop Mt. Oyama in Isehara, in central Kanagawa prefecture. This historically significant shrine offers a relaxing getaway from the city, promising two-star Michelin Guide-worthy views from the summit across Kanagawa’s Shonan plains. You can even see the distant outline of Enoshima off the coast. Oyama Afuri Shrine was a popular pilgrimage site for those following the Oyama-mairi tradition. Further down the mountain, you’ll find the spiritual Oyama-dera Temple. Both places are easily accessible via the Oyama Cable Car, but if you have time on your side, there are gentle hiking trails that can be followed up and down the mountain too.