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Seseragi no Sato Hanashobuen / Waterside Plaza

Seseragi no Sato Hanashobuen / Waterside Plaza


Located beside the prefectural road along the Sakawa River that runs through the western part of the Kanagawa prefecture, “Seseragi-no Sato Iris Garden” is a beautiful iris garden where purple irises in deep and soft tones bloom in unison and cover entire fields. The best season for viewing irises is from late May to mid-June, and on sunny days you can enjoy the spectacular view of irises with Mt. Fuji in the background. One more attraction is the beautiful lotus flowers that line the walking path (known as the ‘Waterfront Path’) along the stream. The Waterfront Path is located on the south side of the iris garden. The lotus flowers start to bloom in late June. Enjoy strolling along the path whilst listening to the cool sound of a rushing stream and enjoy the beautiful lotuses.

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15 minute walk from JR Sagami Kaneko Station on the JR Gotenba Line. 15 minute walk from Kaisei Station on the Odakyu Line.

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