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Sagamihara Noryo Fireworks

Sagamihara Noryo Fireworks

In 1951, the Tana Fireworks Festival was started by the local fire brigade in hopes for the revival of Suigo Tana, "a town of emotion, water and sweetfish". In 1971, it became the current "Sagamihara Noryo Fireworks Festival" and has become a summer tradition loved by many people in Sagamihara City. Many stalls line the Takada Bridge area where the event is held, and about 10,000 fireworks beautifully color the summer night sky. The festival is usually held around August.

Essential Information


26 Aug 2023

Please check the official site before heading to this event.

Venue Takada Bridge
Hours Around August



Please see the official homepage.

Access Please visit the official website.

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