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Riviera Zushi Marina

Riviera Zushi Marina

5-23-9, Kotsubo, Zushi City, Kanagawa
Map of Riviera Zushi Marina

The Riviera Zushi Marina, established in 1971 as one of Japan's leading marinas, is located approximately 60 minutes from central Tokyo and is an "adult marina resort" with a yacht harbor, hotel, restaurants, event venues, banquet facilities, resort apartments, tennis courts, stores, and other facilities on an acre of land. The marina, with its 900 palm trees and luxury cruisers and yachts docked at the marina, provides an extraordinary location reminiscent of an overseas resort, and is famous as a filming location for movies and other productions. Fuji over the Shonan Sea, and is an eco-conscious place where environmental initiatives have been undertaken since 2006.

Riviera Zushi Marina in the morning

“Shonan Cruising Lunch Plan” offers an Italian lunch cooked with fresh seafood from Sagami Bay while taking a short cruise through Sagami Bay. You can enjoy cruising the bay during any season; the soft sea breeze caresses you in spring and summer, and crisp, clear air refreshes you in autumn and winter.

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