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Marumasala Spice Curry

Marumasala Spice Curry

Located a five-minute walk from the Kannai Station, Marumasala Spice Curry is a restaurant that beckons customers with its tantalizing array of authentic curry dishes, all presented with exquisite artistry. Marumasala Curry surprises customers daily with a special curry menu featuring an assortment of delightful toppings. Beyond the delectable blend of rich spices that titillate the taste buds, Marumasala Spice Curry takes pride in crafting visually stunning plates, bursting with vibrant colors, ensuring a feast for both the palate and the eyes. With a cozy seating capacity of 26, Marumasala Spice Curry offers a warm and intimate dining experience, whether you prefer a table or a spot at the counter. Indulge in a delightful fusion of flavor and aesthetics at Marumasala Spice Curry. *Please note that the restaurant exclusively accepts cash payments.

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5-minute walk from Kannai Station on the JR Blue Line and Negishi Line

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