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Horumontei Daichan

Horumontei Daichan


Situated near Mount Oyama and along the Suzu River, the Ogawa Tofu restaurant specializes in traditional, multi-course tofu meals that vary depending on the season.

The nature-encircled eatery features tatami floors, Japanese-style tables, and natural hues that perfectly reflect the traditional dishes waiting within. Guests can dine in the 25-seat hall.

Although the menu varies depending on the season, the multi-course meals typically include a selection of yudofu (tofu cooked in seaweed stock), sesame tofu, tofu skin, hotpot, tofu ice cream, and much more! The restaurant beautifully plates these simple, yet refined flavors—creating a dining experience guaranteed to satisfy both your eyes and stomach.

Thanks to its location near the Oyama Cable Car, Ogawa Tofu is an excellent place to visit as you explore the area’s natural and cultural wonders.

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Closed Open everyday

¥2,000-¥3000 (average budget)


4-minute walk from Hon-Atsugi Station on the OdakyuOdawara Line.

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