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Enoshima LONCAFE

Enoshima LONCAFE

Located atop Enoshima Island in Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, LONCAFE is a picturesque eatery that embodies relaxing, seaside vibes. The cafe was founded in 2003 as Japan’s first specialty French toast store and offers a delectable range of the sweet treat. Enjoy countless French toast varieties, including Creme Brulee, Truffle White Sauce, Apple Pie with Chocolate, Caramel Cinnamon, and more! Pair your dish with coffee, tea, a soft drink, or alcohol for the perfect match.

The cafe’s chic, boho interior and picturesque terrace seats transport you to a vacationer’s haven. On a clear day, be sure to opt for the terrace seats as they offer mesmerizing views of Sagami Bay and the encircling landscape. LONCAFE is a perfect place to relax after exploring Enoshima Island’s many wonders.

With the ocean breeze ruffling your hair, enjoy an elevated plate of French toast that you will not soon forget!

Please note that reservations are not accepted.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.


11am–8pm (7:30pm LO)
Holidays: 10am–9pm (8:30pm LO)


Closed Open everyday

¥1,250 – ¥1,670 for one order of french toast
*Prices are subject to change


26-minute walk from Shonan-Enoshima Station on the Shonan Monorail
21-minute walk from Katase-Enoshima on the Enoshima Line

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