Enoshima Electric Railway

Yokosuka, Miura 30m


Although this is a short railway with a total length of 10km, along the tracks there are both mountains and the sea. From the window you can enjoy a view of Enoshima Island and Mount Fuji. If you purchase a 1 day pass, you can enjoy a discount and reduce the hassle of having to buy tickets every time.


Take a ride on the Enoshima Electric Railway to view both mountains and sea—enjoy Enoshima Island and Mount Fuji as you zip around the short railway, only 10km long. Founded in 1902, today there are fifteen stops along the Enoshima Electric Railway, or Enoden. For a short distance between Koshigoe and Enoshima Stations, the train even runs as a street tram. Purchase a one-day pass to reduce the hassle of having to buy tickets and to enjoy a discount. The Enoden is your quick ticket to Fujisawa, Enoshima, and Kamakura. With easy access to so many local sights, the Enoden is a surefire way to save time and money as you sightsee.

The line even had its moment of fame: Gokurakuji Station was one of the settings in the film “Our Little Sister”—a touching 2015 Japanese release telling the story of three sisters who live together in Kamakura (based on the Japanese graphic novel “Umimachi Diary”). Get an idea of places to sightsee from this classic movie set in the Enoden area.

Along the Enoshima Electric Railway you’ll have easy access to many exciting locations:

  • In the Enoshima area, why not go see the Enoshima Aquarium; or the Enoshima Escar—Japan’s first outdoor escalator—taking you to Enoshima Shrine. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness in the Enoshima Iwaya Caves. And, if you’d like a 360-degree panoramic view of the island and Mount Fuji you need go no farther than the Enoshima Sea Candle (lighthouse observation tower).

  • The Hase area along the Enoden also has a lot to offer tourists. The Hasedera Temple with its brightly colored flowers and trees, or the serene beauty of Kotoku-in’s Great Buddha. If Mount Fuji is what you’re interested in, be sure to check out Inamuragasaki—a magnificent spot where you can see the sprawling waters in front of the majestic mountain.

  • The Kamakura area along the line can take you to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu to see Yabusame (archery from horseback), along with other festivals and events. Kamakuragu Shrine is a shrine that fulfills hopes for “greater purification, happiness, and traffic safety”. You can even see an authentic Chikurin-no-Michi—bamboo forest—at Houkokuji Temple. Famous for its beautiful bamboo garden, also enjoy green tea made on the premises. There is also a nearby Zen temple in the Kamakura area, Kenchoji Temple, it’s a must-see sight with its huge Bonsho bell and Sanmon gate.

Tickets are easy to purchase, and the menu is even available in English with the touch of a button, or use an IC card for simplicity. There are some unmanned stations along the way, so be sure to hand over tickets to the conductor or deposit them in the ticket collection box once you’ve disembarked.

Detailed information


1-4-7 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa


Fujisawa-Kamakura 310 yen、One day ticket 650yen


Enoden / Enoshima Station
Shonan Area 9

Enoden / Enoshima Station

Shonan-do Bakery
Shonan Area 0

Shonan-do Bakery

Shonan Area 14


The Market SE1 (Shonan Gelateria)
Shonan Area 1

The Market SE1 (Shonan Gelateria)