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Walk through Seya on the ancient roads of Kamakura

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h15m

Enjoy a stroll through Kamakura Kaido, Seya, and Navy Road. Navy Road and some streets near Seya Station are particularly famous for their cherry blossoms. There's a tour to visit the Seven Lucky Gods as well.

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Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine

Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine was founded in the Eiroku era (1336-1573, the end of Muromachi era) by Iwasaki Tangonokami. The shrine worships Honda Wakeno Mikoto. In 1968, the shrine transferred to the current site because of the construction of Tomei Expressway. It's also known for the magnificent cherry blossoms in spring.

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Myoko-ji temple

Myokoji is an old temple that was founded in the Asuka era (592-710). It is said that Nichiren Shonin stayed there and the chief priest was impressed with Nichiren and changed the sect. Bonsho (a temple bell) is a prefecture-designated important cultural property.

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Zentuuin-seisi-do is a branch temple of Tokuzenji. Sodo-shu. The main Buddha Seisi's statue is said to have dug out by being told to, in a dream. The main hall was built during the Kan'ei period (1624 ~ 43) where Ju-rojin(Shoulaojen) is also worshipped.

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