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Visit Kanzaki Iseki, a designated historical site, and delve into Ayase’s history

Central Area 4h30m

At the “Kanzaki Iseki Shiryokan” (Kanzaki Museum of Relic Materials) you can see the history of Ayase from the Paleolithic Age to modern times all in one place. These remains, nearly completely excavated moated settlements from the late Yayoi Period, are extremely precious. If you make reservations in advance you can also try making magatama (comma-shaped jewels) at any time. Why not pick up some of the famous Kanzaki Relic Cookies from “Snack Workshop Asa no Ha” as souvenirs as well?

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Kanzaki Iseki Shiryo-kan

The moated settlement dates back to the end of the Yayoi period. It has been preserved in a near-perfect state and is one of Japan's official historic landmarks. The ruins have been reburied, and the area is maintained today as the Kanzaki Ruins Park. The park features markers to indicate the position of the moat and other ruins, as well as information boards to allow you to learn the area's hi...

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Gosha Temple

The shrine is said to be original shrine to enshrine the Chijin-Godai during Yamato Takeru no Mikoto's eastern expedition. The grounds house Yamato Takeru no Mikoto's stone seat and a giant beech tree with a deep foliage that resembles the cosmos. Both the sacred tree, the main shrine, and its sign are the city's designated cultural assets.

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Kanigaya Park

The plateau offers a splendid view of Mount Fuji and the Tanzawa Mountains from the viewing platform in the grassy plaza. The lower half of the slope is the perfect position for the water park and its wetland garden. Plenty of flora and fauna thrive in the area, and you can see kingfishers and many other waterside birds in the wetland garden. See the Japanese irises between June and July, and t...

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