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Visit flower temple Jousenji and Yamato Kottouchi

Central Area 3h30m

At Josenji temple, built in 1588 and loved as a temple of flowers, seasonal flowers can be enjoyed year-round. Designated as an important cultural property by the city, “Yamato City Furusato Hall” where the moya (building core), and dozo (storehouses) of the former Ogura family residence have been reconstructed, is the only merchant family structure from the time of shukuba, (post stations during the Edo period) and in Kanagawa Prefecture the precious buildings are a rarely seen piece of Edo-era architecture.

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Fondly known as “the temple of flowers” and “the temple of the kappa (a mystical water-dwelling creature),” Jousenji is home to flowers that bloom splendidly in each of the four seasons throughout the entire year. In particular, the “trident of spring” and the “white equinox flower of autumn” are famous. Numerous kappa are positioned in the grounds in random places so that visitors can enjoy th...

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Kottouichi Yamato Station Promenade

The flea market is just outside the ticket gate. About 300 shops await you. The shops come from all over the country and have the treasures you are searching for such as old furniture, calligraphy, hanging scrolls, pottery, crafts, cloths, western antiques etc. that were used in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. Beginners and collectors alike will be satisfied with the “Yamato Antique...

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Yamato City Shimotsuruma Furusatokan

At Shimotsuruma Furusato Hall, the main building and storehouse of the old Ogura family residence, designated by the city as important cultural property, have been restored. The main building was constructed in 1856 and is a building that is extremely rare throughout the prefecture as a merchant family-constructed post station.

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