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View 120,000 bright red spider lilies and visit Suzukamyo Shrine

Central Area 4h

After taking a walk in Serizawa Park, which was selected as one of the top 50 parks in Kanagawa, head to “Zama City Kanigasawa Park” with its beautifully blooming red spider lilies. The 120,000 red spider lilies, which despite their name have both red and white varieties, are a true highlight. The sochinshu, or local Shinto deity of Zama, Suzukamyo Shrine, has a flat-ground type settlement site from the Jomon period. Designated by the city as an important cultural property, the premises are very valuable historically.

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Serizawa Park

A park that was chosen as one of the eight picturesque spots of Zama as the source of Zama’s delicious water, and also selected to be in “Kanagawa’s 50 Best Parks.” It is divided into three zones, “playground, lawn park, and waterside,” each of which can be strolled.

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Kanigasawa Park

A park where visitors can enjoy nature throughout the four seasons and is also one of the eight picturesque spots of Zama. It is especially famous for its 120,000 vibrantly-colored red spider lilies. The red spider lilies that bloom brilliantly red in the midst of the greenery create a relaxing space.

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Suzukamyo Shrine

The place to worship the local Shinto deity of Zama town. It is said to have been established during Emperor Kinmei’s imperial reign (539~571). In the grounds, there is a slab with a haiku cut on it by famous bibliographer Shozo Saito, who was born in Suzuka. Also, there are flat-land houses from the Jomon period, which have been designated by the city as important cultural property.

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