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Tsukui Lake & Flower Tour in Shiroyama

Central Area 3h15m 10

This course is arranged for you to enjoy flowers in Sagamihara area, including「Hana no Enchi」in Tsukuiko Shiroyama Park. During early spring, you can see 「Katakuri」(Erythronium japonicum) in Village of Shiroyama-Katakuri


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Shiroama Katakuri-no-Sato

Central Area 30m

It is a privately owned forest, and is open to the public only in spring, when the dogtooth violet blooms. The well-groomed violets gently color the early sp...

Tsukuiko Shiroyama Park

Central Area 1h

At the center of the park, there is a park center that serves as both a management office as well as an exhibition facility Remnants of the castle during the...

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