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Try tea ceremony and maki sushi at port town Yokohama

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h

At the tea ceremony experience at “Mugen-An”, the owner will kindly teach you all the proper etiquette. You can also rent haori coats and kimono which are simple to wear, and easily enjoy a tea ceremony experience. At makizushi (rolled sushi) classroom “Gururi”, the staff kindly teach even first-timers what to do. With both makizushi and the tea ceremony, enjoy Japanese culture all day long with this course.

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The 4th floor of this historic Yokohama City structure which was built in 1930 as an apartment exclusively for foreigners. The living space has an overseas style reflecting the influence of modern architecture in Japan. We accept reservations to experience the tea ceremony in the 4 and a half tatami mat sized tea room, and can also provide easy to wear haori coats and kimono.

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Yokohama City Santonodai Archaeology Museum

Here in Okamura, Isogo Ward of Yokohama City are traces of villages from the Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun periods. The ruins are in a flat section of around 10,000m2 on a slightly elevated hill almost 55 meters high. It became a nationally designated historical site in 1966, and the following year the Santonodai Archaeology Museum opened to the public along with the ruins. It has even been featured ...

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