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Trek in Unexplored Regions of Yokohama

Yokohama, Kawasaki 4h45m

In Yokohama one and only canyon trecking course is available for you. Deep woods with sprinkles of sunlight, sound of stream and the rock field of the canyon will heal you.

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Yokohama Waterworks Commemoration Hall

The Yokohama Waterworks Commemoration Hall exhibits historic documents and videos ranging from times when even a ladle of water was important to when the first modern waterworks were established in Japan (1887). The Waterworks Technology Commemoration Hall exhibits how technical data for waterworks are maintained and preserved, as well as how the technologies have changed. Located in the upland...

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Jingashita Keikoku Park

With the sun shining through the woods, chilly water flowing down the stream, and rocky river banks being corroded away by the water, this is the only place in downtown Yokohama where a valley landscape is preserved. In the Jingashita Keikoku Park, you can experience true trekking. The name of this place came from the vassals of Minamoto no Yoritomo setting up camps here for hunting. Trekki...

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Katabira River

Katabira River is a second class river that is 17 km long and gets its source of water from Asahi-ku Wakabadai and pours into Yokohama Port. Efforts are underway to create an environment in which it is easier to reproduce ayu. Photos Provided by photolibery

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