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This is Japanese technology! Experience as the future

Yokohama, Kawasaki 6h

On this course you visit Yokohama's forward-thinking technological facilities. It's full of uniquely Japanese experiences including a 3D imaging and a green house where you can pick strawberry all-year-around, etc. Visit an amusement park with various attractions and savour everymoment of your trip.

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Tokyo Strawberry Park is a popular Yokohama attraction that just opened in April 2018, offering year-round strawberry-picking. The pink flooring and stylish design inside this building is very popular with young girls. The building utilizes electricity to control the temperature and ensure quality. The house grows seasonal varieties whatever the time of year, so visitors can enjoy premium straw...

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Yokohama Cosmoworld

The main feature of this amusement park is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world, having a height of 112.5 meters and capacity of 480 passengers. Other attractions include a roller coaster and a rapid rafting ride. Operating hours of the Ferris wheel may vary depending on how crowded it is. *Please check the operating calendar for operating hours. Operating hours may vary due to weather...

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Orbi Yokohama

This is the first project of the two giants, SEGA and BBC Earth. SEGA created revolutionary entertainment with a high technology and ideas to worship the nature. BBC Earth has broadcast wild life on the earth and the secret and mystery of the nature. Orbi Yokohama is a new entertainment museum that lets you feel the mystery of mother nature and the experience to be real.

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