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This Close to Greater Tokyo Area? 3 Days to Enjoy Mt. Fuji and the Nature

Central Area 14h45m 11

There are many palces you can experience the vast nature in Kanto area a little bit away from Greater Tokyo area. While traveling aruond Tokyo and Kanto area, no doubts that you will enjoy hiking in the nature and rest your mind with a great view of Mt. Fuji. Additionally, you can also see traditonal Japanese ways of life through nature-based agricurtural experiences.


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Mt. Takao hiking

Around Kanagawa 1h30m

Mt. Takao is famous for its beauty in every season for hiking and trecking. Cherry blossoms in spring Summer is the season of new green leaves i...

Nanasawa Forest Park

Central Area 1h30m

Known as one of Kanagawa's largest urban parks, there are various programs prepared throughout the year. There are art programs such as pottery and crafts, ...

Mount Kintoki

Western Area 1h

This mountain was once an active stratovolcano 350,000 - 270,000 years ago and is the highest peak of the Hakone caldera. To commemorate your visit, snap a p...

Silver Grass Plant Community

Western Area 1h

The Sengokuhara Silver Grass Plains is prided as one of the best in the Kanto Region. Stretching until the vicinity of the southern foot of Mount Kintoki and...

Narukawa Art Museum

Western Area 1h

Narukawa Art Museum stands by the Ashinoko in Hakone, surrounded by trees. It was opened to public in 1988. They have the collection of more than 4,000 works...

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