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Rustic Landscapes of Hiratsuka and Mount Fuji (Mt Fuji)

Shonan Area 7h45m

Snap photos of Japan's defining sceneries—the rural landscapes and Mount Fuji—together at this scenic spot. Moreover, you'll be going to seven places listed among the top 100 places to see Mount Fuji.

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Hiratsuka Hana Agri is a collective name of four different facilities. Kana Garden is full of seasonal flowers, and a leaning field of gardening and agriculture. Asatuyu Park is a large shop of fresh agricultural produce. At the Experience of Agriculture Center "Nou no taiken-koryu-kan) farmers will teach you how to plant and grow vegetables. Mai Sai farm is a public...

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It is 1 of the 8 scenic spots of Hiratsuka and is the 7th pilgrimage site of Bando's 33 locations. Kannon's Zushi is very valuable and has been designated as an important cultural property. Many important cultural assets of the prefecture and city are also here.

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Shonan Daira Hills(Komayama Park)

From the observation deck, you can get a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. When the sky is clear, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree as well as Mount Fuji. Though it is a famous spot with a beautiful night view, it is not known by foreign tourists because of poor access by public transportation. In addition, at Flat, a restaurant in the park, you can enjoy the scenery while eating local fish and...

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Hiratsuka Beach

Hiratsuka Beach stretches about 4 kilometers long. You can have a view of Mt. Fuji over the Shonandaira TV tower which is one of the symbol of Hiratsuka city. This is one of the popular places where you can enjoy beautiful scenery all the year round.

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Shonan-ginga Bridge (Mt. Fuji view)

When crossing the bridge from the Chigasaki City side, you can see Mount Fuji and in the mornings with clear skies, Mount Fuji looks even more beautiful. Along the Sagami River, there are gardens as well as Shonan Bellmare's practice field and there are many people who enjoying jogging and walking here. Photos Provided by photolibery

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