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Robai Festival and New Year’s prayers at Izumo Taisha

Western Area 3h45m

Based in Matsuda, this course explores the famous spots around Tokyo and Hakone. In the biggest park for robai flowers, enjoy the Robai Festival and pay a visit to Izumo Shrine.

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Roubai Festival

This is the largest wintersweet (robai) garden in Japan. You can enjoy the pretty flowers and sweet scent of about 1500 plants with about 20000 branches of wintersweet (robai), even in the cold of early spring.

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Izumo Shrine Sagamibunshi

Various seasonal events, such as a festival to usher in luck (Fukumukae-sai) during the New Year's, a plum festival in spring, a chinese lantern plant market, and a morning glory market are held and the atmosphere is very lively. In the premises, there is a spring known as the “Water of the 1000-Year Forest” (Sennen no mori no mizu), providing moisture to the planted trees. When summer comes ar...

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Meisan Center

This store, dealing in Hadano souvenirs, is located around the north exit of the Odakyu Line Hadano Station. They also sell local specialties that have been designated by the Hadano City Tourism Association as recommended products for representing Hadano flavor and tradition.

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