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Nature Tour around Miyagase Lake Area

Central Area 4h 4

Enjoy the nature around Miyagase area that is well-managed by collaborative efforts of Kanagawa prefecture and cities there, based on the fundamental idea of 「development of resort sites in suburbs with functionality of parks that facilitates coexistence and active interactions between human beings and nature, and urban cities and other areas」


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Nijinoo Bridge

Western Area 15m

Niji no O-hashi (Niji big bridge) is a one which connects Miyagase Dam,Toriihara area and Lakeside area. The view from Toriihara Park is magnificent. This br...

Sightseeing boat Miyamaru

Central Area 30m

You can appreciate the natural environment and scenery of Miyagase lake using the shuttle bus which connects Miyagase, the dam site and Toriibara. (Please ch...

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