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Misty Waterfalls and Boulders: Hiratsuka Power Spot Exploration

Shonan Area 2h30m 80

This is a hiking course for seeing the grand waterfalls and the milestone that is said to have been visited by Yamato Takeru (legendary prince of the Yamato Dynasty) himself. As one of Hiratsuka’s eight best sceneries, Kirifuri waterfalls present you with a stunning view of water turning to mist while hitting the complex layers of rocks. Once you climb up the stone steps of Shouganji temple, you will be presented with a stunning view of the Enoshima Islands, as well as the Miura Peninsula.


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Shogan-ji Temple

Shonan Area 30m

After climbing up the stone steps, you can see Miura Peninsula. Founded in 1502, it has long been known for its jodo training of the Soto school.

Kirifuri Falls

Shonan Area 30m

This hiking course travels around a waterfall that is reminiscent of spilling marbles and a standing stone that Prince Yamato Takeru is said to have visited....


Shonan Area 30m

Deep in the cave, you can find a secret spot that brings economic fortune.

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