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Local Shopping Street of Sagamihara and Fresh Eggs

Central Area 4h15m 34

Southern Road Sagamidai is a shopping district where various variety shops are connected along the streets from the northeast entrance of Odakyu Odawara line's Odakyu Saginbara Station to the Sagamihara Hospital at the southeast end of Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture . Because it is about 1 km in length, it was named from the English 1000 (thousand). Moreover,Asamizo area is a popular area for poultry farming, and poultry farmers are still running direct sales there. The Sagamihara gymnasium park has a observatory tower called Green Tower Sagamihara with a height of 55 m, Field Athletics, Children's Plaza, Lawn Area, etc. In Interact Animals Square, there are interact areas and horse riding can be enjoyed. In addition, flowers of four seasons bloom in the garden, especially clematis, hydrangea and Christmas rose are famous.


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Sweet Eggs

Central Area 1h

A cafe restaurant where egg dishes can be enjoyed is adjacent to the eggs and sweets shop.

Sagamihara Asamizo Park

Central Area 45m

A park surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers, with a place where you can interact with animals. Clematis flowers bloom in spring and in early Summer, y...

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