Impactful Fishing Port Tour

Yokosuka, Miura 4h45m

We will visit the harbor which is the root of fishing industry,and it is the main industry in this prefecture. In Misaki harbor, you can see a bidding for tuna which is dynamic. Also in Katase harbor market, you can get up close to the fishes landed on that day. Moreover you can buy them too.

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Miura City Misaki Seafood Regional Wholesale Market

At the market, you can find numerous fish ranging from tuna, marlin, and coastal fish. In particular, frozen tuna trade is popular and there are usually 400 to 1000 being traded. You can see the tuna auction for free. Because it is open irregularly, it is necessary to check our website. If it is open, it is recommended to go in the mornings at 8:30~9:00. Early Morning Sightseeing You can ...

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Urari Marché - Fish Market・Vegetable Market

A centre for fresh vegetables from Miura and Misaki Tuna. On the 2nd floor of the Vegetable Market, various produce such as Miura vegetables, meat, tofu and various breads are sold. There is also a cafe where you can sip a cup of coffee while resting. On the 1st floor, you can find seafood products such as tuna and coastal fishes, ingredients for everyday meals. Drop by the Urari Marche for del...

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