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How about relaxing and healing by watching the flowers in Samukawa

Shonan Area 4h15m

Samukawamachi is famous for it's beautiful flowers. You can unwind transcribing the Buddhist sutra amongst the petals.You can also buy the type of flower that charms you most at the local market. Enjoy the seasonal flowers at Hadanotokawa park.

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Hadano Tokawa Park

Covering 36 hectares, Hadano Tokawa Park is a large park featuring rich nature, more notable are the Mizunashi-gawa river and forest of the mountain located in Western Hadano. Many facilities are available: park and visitor centers, BBQ spots, playground, farming ground, children's plazas, and tea houses. A great place for a fun day with your family!

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Anrakuji, Shakyo (sutra copying) experience

At Anrakuji, you can experience shakyo (sutra copying) on the 3rd Sunday of every month (15:00~). It is safe for those who have bad legs or are not good with seiza as it is possible to sit on a chair. The statue of Dainichi Nyorai, the honzon, was designated as an important cultural property.

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Waiwai Ichi Market (Shopping for specialty goods)

A direct sales store of JA Sagami. Safe and fresh agricultural and livestock products from Samukawa’s surrounding cities such as Chigasaki, Fujisawa, and Ebina are sold here. In addition to vegetables, cut flowers and potted flowers are also abundant. Furthermore, you can also buy fresh fruits and flowers from direct sales stores of flower (such as sweet pea, cyclamen, and carnation) and fruit ...

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