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Hike on the seaside path and explore a port town famous for tuna

Yokosuka, Miura 2h45m

This tour takes you to Misaki Harbor, which is famous for catching tuna, and Jogashima Island that has a perimeter of approximately 4 km and is located in the southernmost part of Miura Peninsula.

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Nagatoro Rocky Shore

Lots of crooked and distorted rocks spread across the Nagatoro Rocky Shore, which is a great place to play around. Legend has it that the house of Nagatoro Nizaemon, a subject of wartime daimyo Hojo Soun, used to stand here.

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Umanose Doumon (Horseback rock gate)

This is a rock gate created by long-term seawater erosion. The gate offers a mysteriously beautiful form nature has created, and impresses viewers with its magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean stretching out from it. This is one of Japan's nature-created scenic places.

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Umiu (Japanese cormorants) Observation Deck

This observation deck offers a view of rocky cliffs where umiu (Japanese cormorants) breed. The entire park is beautiful with greenery created by well-preserved natural flora and the rocky shore carved by the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean. From the observation deck you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Boso Peninsula, Sagami Bay, Izu-oshima Island, Izu Peninsula, Fuji-Hakone mountain ran...

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