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Have a luxurious time amidst the roaring seas of Hayama

Yokosuka, Miura 4h45m 27

This course is full of all things Japanese. From Japanese gardens, waterfalls, to Mount Fuji—whatever comes to your mind when you hear Japan, this course has it covered.


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Hayama park

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

Hayama Park, adjacent to the imperial villa, was once a riding ground of the villa. In October 1946 (Showa 21), the riding ground was prepared to be sold off...

Hayama Shiosai Park

Yokosuka, Miura 45m

In the vicinity, there is a Japanese garden and from the black pine forest, you can enjoy a view of Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula. In the museum, there ar...

Morito daimyojin

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

This place is famous for its panoramic view of Mount Fuji. Since olden days, this place is known for its beautiful sunsets. The combination of Mount Fuji and...

Hayama port

Yokosuka, Miura 30m

A facility of Kanagawa prefecture located on the northernmost part of Hayama coast. Park your car at the large parking area (135 lots including 2 for big veh...

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