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  • Go to the morning market of Koshigoe fishing port to buy its specialty, shirasu (whitebait)

Go to the morning market of Koshigoe fishing port to buy its specialty, shirasu (whitebait)

Yokosuka, Miura 3h

This tour explores the surrounding area of Koshigoe Station, which is famous for shirasu (whitebait). You can visit Enoshima or Kamakura as well.

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Koshigoe Fishing Port

Koshigoe gyokō is located in the southern area of Kamakura city, where the catch from Sagami Bay is hauled. There are many eateries which serve dishes using the seafood caught here. There is also an observation deck for the public, where you can enjoy a view of the neighboring Enoshima island, a famous sightseeing spot, and Mount Fuji, a World Heritage Site.

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Ryuko-ji Temple

Ryukoji Temple is a temple of the “Nichiren sect” founded in 1337. Nichiren offered plans to Kamakura shogunate for saving the nation in a time of crisis, however, the government did not listen but arrested him. Nichren was taken to Tatsunokuchi (place of execution). When it was about time to be beheaded, suddenly, a beam of light came into the place of execution and the executioner was dazzle...

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Manpukuji Temple

Founded by the Buddhist priest Gyoki, Manpukuji is a temple of the Daikakuji sect of Shingon Buddhism. Legend says that Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune (who destroyed the Taira clan at the Battle of Dan-no-ura and later incurred the wrath of his older brother Yoritomo, who banned him from entering Kamakura) wrote a letter of apology 'Koshigoe-jo' to his angry brother at this temple.

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