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Get rid of stress and rejuvenate with nature therapy at Yamakita

Western Area 7h

In this hiking course, you can peek at Mt. Fuji visible between trees, look at 120 cherry blossom trees in the spring and hydrangeas in full bloom in the summer. It lasts two hours and thirty minutes. You can then relax at Yamakita, two hours from the city center.

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Kawamura Castle Historical Park

Kawamura castle was in the limelight starting from the Chusei period through the Sengoku period as the residence of the Kawamura family. Starting in 1989, Kawamura castle ruins were subjected to research and development as a historical park for 6 years, and in May 1994 the "Kawamura Castle Ruins Historical Park" was born. In 1996 it became a the first mountain-castle in the prefecture to be des...

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Therapy Road (Forest Therapy)

Forest therapy is a shinrinyoku (forest bathing) that is one step ahead, aiming for mental and physical health through walking in the woods and nature walks. During therapy in Yamakita town, we collect saliva before and after joining and measure the stress value by measuring how much of the digestive enzyme amylase is secreted.

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