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Fishing and Mandarin Orange Picking in Matsuda-cho, Tanzawa with your dog (Car Rental Plan)

Western Area 5h30m

In the north it is Tanzawa Ooyama National Park and Nishi Tanzawa mountain range and the south is a fertile ashigara plain spread over the Sakusu River. Matsuda, as its center, flourishes as a major transportation hub for a long time, and it is a city where nature and culture harmonize. A smiling face of warm people, a historical site where history and tradition remains. And when you talk about Matsuda's attractiveness do not forget to talk about river. The clean streams originating from Sakusukawa, Kawanegawa, Nakatsugawa - Tanzawa seems to symbolize the relaxed flow of this city. It is the nearest natural village from the metropolitan area. We are waiting for a holiday suitable for calling refreshing agent that moistens the mind which was dry in the hectic city.

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Ebina S.A.

Service area on Tomei Expressway in Ebina. There is a large parking lot, restrooms, and a gas station. In addition, you can purchase souvenirs and eat. (Automotive repair, medical service, free wifi available). Being the only service area in Kanagawa, events are held regularly.

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Yadoriki Seiryu Trout Fishing

Using the stream from Nakatsu River that flows through Nishitanzawa, you can enjoy fishing cherry salmon, rainbow trout, and salvelinus leucomaenis (iwana). According to your skills, you can choose either river fishing or pond fishing. Barbecue sets as well as fishing tool sets are available for rent. Large buses are allowed.

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Bunmei-zutsumi was created by combining natural terrain and artificial strcutures so that the river that flowed straight would flow in a zig zag manner. This was in order to prevent the flooding of Ayuzawa River.

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