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Find the perfect treat shopping at Isahara.

Shonan Area 2h45m 1

Shop around the stores of Isehara. Enjoy yourself finding souvenirs in Kimono shops and other general goods stores. The spinning top shaped Oyama-Koma-Monaka is Kanagawa's designated regional sweet. It's the kind of treat that's fragrance persueds you to take a nibble, then before you know it, you might just find yourself having eaten all your gifts before you get home!


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Select Shop YAMATOYA

Shonan Area 30m

Opened 350 years ago, Select Shop YAMATOYA sells everyday items and sundry goods in Isehara City. The shop is currently California themed, so the shop is alw...


Shonan Area 1h

Located in Isehara City, Hanagosyo is a shop that sells kimono and all kimono-related items. Our motto is to introduce Japanese culture originating from Kyot...

Sanoya Sweet Store

Shonan Area 15m

Sanoya is a Japanese sweet shop that sells seasonal Japanese sweets. Its signature sweet ‘Oyama Koma Monaka’ has the status of being a designated confectiona...

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