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Find out about Oiso’s history through buildings

Shonan Area 3h30m 12

A course touring the buildings that remain in Oiso. On this tour have lunch at “Oiso Geihinkan”, a Western-style building made into an Italian restaurant, and look through the “Miki Sawada Memorial Museum”, with its collection of kakure kirishitan (“hidden” Christians avoiding persecution) artifacts.


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Shimazaki Toson Old House

Shonan Area 30m

A 5 minute walk along the Tokaido Line from Oiso Station. Also known as Machiya-en (traditional townhouse), the former residence of Tōson was a three-roomed ...

Sawada-miki Memorial Hall

Shonan Area 1h

This museum, which had a renewal opening in March 2014, honors the late Miki Sawada (grandchild of Mitsubishi conglomerate founder Yatarou Iwasaki) who found...

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