Feel the history of Ebina

Central Area 3h45m 0

A course that allows you to re-discover the charms of Ebina with a gigantic 580-year-old zelkova tree. Also take in parks with seasonal views that will make you feel the history from the end of Edo era.


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Imafuku-yakui-mon Park

Central Area 1h

This park was built and landscaped on land donated by the Imafuku Family (village headman in the Edo Period). In the park, there are many valuable examples o...

Big Zelkova Tree in Ebina

Central Area 15m

This gigantic tree is estimated to be 570 years old. Legend has it that once upon a time when Sagami Bay cut deep into the inland, this area was a cove. One ...

Rambling terrace VINAWALK

Central Area 1h30m

VINAWALK is a one-stop shopping mall for everyday life. There are about 150 specialty stores, which include Marui Family, TOHO Cinemas, and more.

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