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Experience the Shounan life with sports

Shonan Area 2h45m 5

At Kugenuma Seaside Park you can skateboard, play tennis, or feel the Shonan winds on a rental bicycle. A tour where you can play three sports and sweat all day. Enjoy lunch on the Kugenuma coast, where many famous restaurants are tucked away.


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Shonannagisa Park

Shonan Area 15m

In order to promote the image of "Enoshima = Cycling" at the third sector organization Shonannagisa Park, they began their rent-a-cycle service in 2014. You ...

Tsujido Seaside Park

Shonan Area 1h

Have fun in the water with the jumbo ball, wave pool, or water slider during summertime. Blue skies and a wide grassy lawn will bring you relaxation, and you...

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