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Experience the fusion of Japan's culture and cutting-edge technology

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h

At the DMM VR theater you can experience state-of-the-art visual presentation and holographic technology that is combined to deliver you an amazing VR experience. Orbi Yokohama allows you to immerse yourself in images of nature and see very real looking images of animals.

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DMM VR Theatre

It is the world's first 3DCG (3 dimensional computer graphics) holographic exclusive entertainment theatre. There is a variety of content and events including stage plays, music concerts, games, and traditional arts. We will dispatch not only domestically but internationally Japan's high-end technology and production culture.

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Orbi Yokohama

This is the first project of the two giants, SEGA and BBC Earth. SEGA created revolutionary entertainment with a high technology and ideas to worship the nature. BBC Earth has broadcast wild life on the earth and the secret and mystery of the nature. Orbi Yokohama is a new entertainment museum that lets you feel the mystery of mother nature and the experience to be real.

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