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Experience the beauty of Fudojiri Gorge and Nanasawa Onsen

Central Area 3h15m

Located in the deepest part of Atsugi City, this area offers an extraordinary view of gorges that are formed with entwining mountains and clear streams. Also known as the birthplace of edgeworthia, the site becomes adorned with gorgeous nature towards the end of March, that it resembles a paradise.

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Fudoujiri Valley (Fudoujiri Clear Streams)

This scenic spot is located at the end of the Ninoashi Forestry Road, in the deepest part of Nanasawa. It is the start of the trekking route from the Atsugi side to Oyama, at the point where a mountain stream that takes its source from the underground water at the massif of Mt. Oyama flows in to join the Yataro River. The currents of the Yataro River create the finest valley scenery. This is a ...

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Fukumotokan / Nanasawa Onsen (Hot Springs Day Trip)

The room in which the representative author of Japan’s proletarian literature, novelist Kobayashi Takiji, secretly resided, is still preserved as it was at that time, with a small bowl, a foot warmer, a tea cupboard and a padded kimono. The hot spring has a strong alkalinity which is abovepH 10.0, so a smooth, gentle feel on the skin is characteristic.

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Junction of Three Rivers

The road connecting the Ayumi Bridge across the municipal pool, a fantastic tunnel of cherry blossom trees, which makes you want to slown down the speed of your car and just emjoy the views. There are a lot of shopping plazas and river terraces filled with customers enjoying sakura views. It is a famous cherry blossoms spot that is mentioned in the lyrics by "Ikimonogakari"(from Atsugi city). T...

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