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Enjoy vast nature in the centre of Kawasaki on Japan's first swan-shaped pleasure boat

Central Area 3h15m

You can enjoy the atmosphere and natural beauty of the lakes, ranches and castle parks in Kanagawa prefecture's central district. You also enjoy riding on a swan-shaped pleasure boat at Sagami Lake, stroll through nature, crafting and experience milking at the ranch.

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Swan-maru', the First Swan Boat in Japan

It became known worldwide after becoming the arena for canoe tournament during the Tokyo Olympics opened in 1964. Since that it has been offering the cultural space for healthy relaxing as well as being a lake of healthy growth of young people and relaxing oasis for people from Tokyo and regions. The forests and mountains around the lake are pouring the shower of ozone, minus ion and phytocide....

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Tsukuiko Shiroyama Park

At the center of the park, there is a park center that serves as both a management office as well as an exhibition facility Remnants of the castle during the Warring States Period can be found throughout the park. At the 水の苑地, you can find a fountain and at the 花の苑地, you can find a garden terrace with herbs and perennial plants. Photos provided by: Sagamihara Tourism Association

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Hattori Ranch

Hattori Daily Farm is located near Lake Miyagase, which is one of the best scenic spots, and at east end of Tanzawa Sankai (mountain mass). Summer of Hibirano highland is cool and suitable for growing grasses and dairy cattle. This is the largest farm in Kanagawa. Cattle are growing in a free and relaxed atmosphere.

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