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Enjoy Japanese plum and camellia flowers in full bloom

Shonan Area 3h15m

View more than 200 camelia flowers at Himuro Tsubaki Garden, visit Soho Tokutomi memorial museum famous for its famous winding plum tree, and go to Makuyama Park in the Yugawara area... this course allows you to appreciate the beauty of flowers for the whole day!

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Himuro Camellia Garden

In this extensive garden estimated to be 2800 square meters wide, about 1300 shrubs of garden plants such as camellias, pines, and roses are planted here. There are over 200 types of camellias here, including the beautiful Himuro Setsugekka, a type of camellia with a pink and white base with red patterns, which blooms from the end of February to the end of March.

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Tokutomi Soho Memorial hall

It was built on the grounds by Hikoichi Shiozaki, who admired Sohou Tokutomi and took care of his personal affairs as his secretary before, during, and after the war, and stuck with him through thick and thin until Sohou’s death. Correspondence, works of art, written works, and collections of books related to Sohou are displayed in the hall.

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Makuyama Park

This nature park located along the river has an athletic field and towards the slope of the mountain, there is a plum forest with about 4000 trees. In early spring during the plum season, you can enjoy a dynamic scenery of beautiful plum trees.

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