Enjoy Ebina's food specialties

Central Area 3h 8

Ebina is nationwidely famous for its Ebina Service Area on the Tomei expressway. People can visit there not only from the expressway but also from general roads by using the community buses or family cars . TVs and other mass media take up its unique stores, such as Ebina Chaya's Ebi-ebi Yaki, or Melon Pan of Porutogaru Bakery. When returning, you can enjoy strawberry-picking in famous Ebina strawberry farm.


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Ebina S.A.

Central Area 30m

Service area on Tomei Expressway in Ebina. There is a large parking lot, restrooms, and a gas station. In addition, you can purchase souvenirs and eat. (Aut...

Oyakinrin Park

Central Area 1h

The lookout area of the park provides a view of Mount Oyama in Tanzawa and Mount Fuji. The park area has benches for resting, so the splendid view can be enj...

Strawberry House

Central Area 30m

Being called "Strawberry Road", there are several strawberry farms in Ebina-shi. For the earliest strawberries, enjoy picking at Ichigo Factory, You can comf...

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